It is absolutely safe in terms of physical and mental health.

Not based on dry fasting, special initiations, mystical settings to vibrations, it is natural and physiologically safe.

Methodology of Breatharianism:

1. How does the digestive system works?

2. Two principles of the removal of toxins: flushing and burning.

3. Known methods of the transition to life without food.

Looking at the question: Why and how is the transition happening (or why not happening)?

- System of Jasmuheen.

- Modification of the system invented by Jasmuheen, including the use of affirmations.

- Sun eater - Staring directly into the Sun.

- Breatharians refining their intake of food over several years, recommending first raw, then mono-like diet, then consuming only liquids and periodic fasting.

- Bigu Shi Chi, a Chinese version of transition to Breatharianism.

- Method of Olga Podorovskaya.

4. What principles must be fulfilled to allow successful transition to Breatharianism?

5. The main factors that hinder the transition, and their removal.

6. Ascending and Descending Stream of energy - the base of the human energy system.

7. There are exercises performed in real time; eliminating the personal and psychological obstacles.

8. Add 10 days of preparation time.

9. Elimination of the parasites.

10. Restoration of the Biorhythm of the cells.

11. Elimination of any association with food.

12. 3 causes for food-related psychosis.

13. Elimination of relapses and drawbacks. Cleansing of the energetic field.

14. Fluids that promote flushing of toxins and purification of the field.

15 Program for people with reduced weight (How does the transition work, without losing weight).

16. The program for working people.

17. The levels of physiological restructuring, where personal deadlines for the transition to Breatharianism can be detected.

18. 9 signs that determine when the poisoning ceases.

19. Criteria which displays when it is good to be in the dry mode, and when it makes sense to drink liquids.

20. Physical exercises.

21. How critical minded relatives (friends) can become allies.

22. Questions and answers.


At the end of the course, participants will be invited to our community and receive individual advices.

We communicate processes, discuss successes and difficulties.

It becomes clear what steps a person is making, because these steps are the same for everybody.


In fact, the support of a group of like-minded people is a great help for the process of transformation of the individual.