Technology of Enlightenment

The practice of various spiritual traditions is aimed at understanding the nature of the mind - the realization of enlightenment. Many people spend years in the search for enlightenment, performing a variety of meditation, entering into Dhyana, Asana and Pranayamy.

Many Satsangs are done, an incredible amount of texts on enlightenment and comments on them are written. However, practitioners do not understand where to direct their attention. How not to be identified with the phenomenons, which are the work of the mind.

Technology of Enlightenment by Olga Podorovskaya - unparalleled explanation of the system and the direction of attention of listeners, through which the practitioner complete their path of spiritual search. Becoming aware of the indivisibility of noumen and phenomenons and expressions of existence.

Turn-based technology designed to people seeking enlightenment, people who feel the call and are ready to end the search today.

But, even if for the person it is a new topic, he successfully passes the process of awareness and direct perception to its nature.