Implementation of the system of Immortality


The search for immortality continues throughout human history.

In ancient times, people have tried to make a variety of infusions, decoctions and elixirs.

In medieval Europe, the alchemy worked to create the philosopher's stone capable of providing longevity.

Modern science is looking for a solution through medicines, complex surgical procedures and applications of nano technology.

In the East, the spiritual traditions have developed transformational practices and meditation.

Immortality, as a function, is originally founded in our biological system.

Mechanisms, which ensure immortality, are present in our cellular program.

We do not have to grow old, get sick and die.

Absolute Nirvana, Vacuum - (in different cultures, different names) - is the potential energy at rest, not having any characteristics.

The potential energy is set in motion - converted into kinetic.

Creates a motion vector.

Primary vibration becomes manifested, it is luminosity, the primary light.

Consciousness "AZM ESM". It is being, given the presence of life. Without conditions, without limitation.

Consciousness manifests the universe, galaxies, forms, any kind of body, thoughts, feelings, sensations - all that is.

How does the creation works?

Due to the slowing down of the vibrations a variety of plans - universes with different densities, are created.

Primary Light of Consciousness is the highest vibration.

The first plan - the Body of Light, or the rainbow body.

This is the standard, the prototype of all forms.

 Next, in descending order.

Vibration is reduced – further compacted matter.

Innumerable bodhisattvas worlds are formed, worlds inhabited by different creatures.

People call them gods. Those are beings with a very high degree of awareness.

Personal characteristics become formed.

Karmic, mental, astral, etheric, physical plans get created; Hell's plans are the lowest vibrations, with densest matter.


In history there are examples of people, which say they went to the Body of Light. This does not mean that they have moved off to somewhere. They began to operate at a very high rate and disappeared from the range of the human karmic vision. Realization - is the realization of all spectrum of existence.

There are four forms of Immortality:


1. Enlightenment - to the level of the mind.

Many people believe in the idea of reincarnation, thinking that they will be reborn in the spiritual world or in the physical plane.

Formation of the soul, individuality and personality is due to the etheric, astral and mental bodies. After their collapse, that individuality (soul) disappears forever. What people call reincarnation, refers to the law of cause and effect. These impersonal processes occur in Consciousness.

If the attention of the person was limited to the idea of "I", after its collapse there is a total death, rtotal lack of perception.

If during life the realization of Enlightenment took place - unconditioned perception, released beyond the mind, focus returns to the original nature. Meanwhile the physical body dies. Consciousness is retained. Death is no longer possible.

So enlightenment is the main goal of all spiritual schools.

In the Eastern tradition of enlightened man, it is called the «second birth».

2. Implementation of the Illusory Body.

Many spiritual traditions, given the complexity of realization of enlightenment and understanding that human life time may not be enough for its implementation, developed a practice of transferring consciousness.

Practicing on Bodhisattva plan and creating an image.

Such an image is called the immortal fetus.

On the physical plane, through the accumulation of high-frequency energy, the Pearl of Immortality is generated.

At the time of physical death approaching, the practitioner, teaming up with the Pearl of Immortality, transfers his consciousness into the immortal fetus.

Practitioner opens a hole in the top of the head, in the skull.

After this transfer, the physical body dies.

The main evidence of the successful transfer is the opening hole of Brahma.

Now the practitioner, not bound to temporal constraints and the time, can continue the practice of awareness of enlightenment and realization of the Body of Light.

This is the main tantric practice of the Tibetan schools in India and China.

 3. Implementation of the Diamond Body

Diamond Body - is the realization of immortality in the physical body.

The physical body has a certain oscillation frequency. They are significantly different from the frequencies which the energy bodies have. In consequence of breakdown in communication between the physical and energetic body disruptions of energy flow occurs.

In fact, it is cut off from its nature.

Due to lack of energy, the physical body is out of balance and is forced to use other, not suitable for it, resources - food, oxygen, water, sun.

These energies are damaging our cellular structure.

In the cellular structure of the existing physical plan lies the program of death. It manifests itself as a decrease in telomere. Science knows well that cancer and germ cells, which have no telomere, are potentially immortal. Scientists still cannot determine from where a cell receives an impulse that starts a certain moment, a variety of programs, including the aging or an infinite number of divisions in oncology.

All impulses or commands are not incorporated in the physical, but in the energy body.

During normal functioning of the physical body, the telomeres are burned. After that, cell division becomes impossible.

If you merge the biorhythms of the physical body with the etheric, the cells start to get a sufficient amount of energy of a different order. This starts the process of transformation. Cells transform. Combustion of telomeres stops. But the most important thing is that a random division does not come, as of oncology at fault. Both bodies are beginning to work in unison for the overall program.

It is an ecstatic state of happiness and love. All energy centers begin to open. Man feels infinite love and acceptance.

Next comes attunement of followed plans.

In the physical cell mitochondria shuts down, which have their own genetic code, that differs from the human genetic code.

Then it is a shift to the pranic (energetic) breathing. In this breath, the body is no longer in need of oxygen, physical food and water.

External breathing stops.

At the level of attunement with Bodhisattva body, man has the opportunity to manifest itself in different bodies, levitate and implement all possible paranormal abilities.

4. Implementation of the Rainbow Body

By synchronizing vibration with the energy of consciousness, man realizes the Body of Light, or Rainbow Body. Clarity of perception is exacerbated by the practitioner so that he is aware of the identity of the 5 elements of his, or her own physical body and mind. Combining elements and consciousness, causes a complete merger. Man becomes free in all 3 worlds - time, space and form.

Now the man does not have any restrictions and may appear on consent in any universe, time, and form.

Why mankind cannot find the key to immortality, and only a few have implemented this possibility?

The answer lies simultaneously in several areas of our existence.

1. Expediency

2. Psychology

3. Physiology


1. Nature constantly maintains a certain balance.

The mechanism of the distortion of energy of communication between the bodies is not accidentally laid.

In all living beings on the level of instinct there is self-destruction.

If it were not for old age, sickness and death, there would be a biological catastrophe.

2. The human psyche is subjected to instincts.

In childhood, we learn about the inevitability of death, and take it for granted. Ordinary human life is filled with a variety of small, mundane events, it turns into the expectation of death. Even if a person learns about the possibilities of transformation, he often lacks the attention to carry it out. Distractions in everyday life absorb all of his interest.

3. Before you start the transformation, it is necessary that to the psyche, the energetic structure and the physical body were prepared.

To this, along with energetic exercises and meditation, a complete cleansing of the body is necessary.

If a person is really ready for self study and deliberate action, nature begins to support it.


Favorable signs indicating the progress in the implementation of the practice of the Body of Light

1. there is no movement muscles of the chest, ribs and abdomen during inhalation and exhalation.

2. Breathing during meditation is through both nostrils, and then stops.

3. Behind the navel the Pearl of Immortality is formed, which takes over the breathing function and starts the transformation processes in the physical body.

4. The body ceases to need physical food.

5. The body becomes light and pliable.

6. Diseases disappear.

7. All biorhythms come into harmony.

8. Enthusiasm and desire to meditate increase.

9. The practitioner is freed from compulsive desires and conditions.

10. Doubt, attachment and fears disappear.

11. Growing clairvoyance.

12. The practitioner perceives subtle plans.

13. Diverse vision of the forms of Deities manifest.

14. Spirits, preventing demons, karmic creditors lose power. Frightened by the glow of the practitioner, they can no longer harm him.

15. Serenity and pure vision appears.

16. Compassion deepens.

17. Overcoming the subtle boundaries of rational thoughts.

18. Attention is fixed beyond the mind, immersed in its own nature.

19. The natural state is opened and held without effort.

20. When the mind dissolves in emptiness there is the perception of the Primordial Light, which appears as white space. Due to this, the Yogi reinforces their achievements.




The signs that appear when the practice reaches full strength.

- Practitioners body emits radiance.

- Materializing holy ash, objects on the altar or the images of deities.

- Sacred images streaming myrrh.

- In the air sounds unusual odor or chants.

- Sacred sculpture smile, changing facial expression.

- Practitioner gets rid of attachment to samsara.

- In lucid dreams attending pure worlds.

- Manifest paranormal abilities.

- The practitioner is able to communicate with the gods and Siddhas.

- Practitioner can tame marred creatures.

- Practitioner can hear divine music.

- The body starts to smell sweet, and gets rid of signs of aging.

- There is a steady confidence in the liberation.


- Practitioner shows genuine respect for the Guru, the teaching, and practicing people.