The Association



The activity of the International Breatharianism Association is directed on the dissemination and implementation of the system of «Creation of the Diamond Body of Immortality» over the 4 years of its existence, the Association held 4 International Congresses «Breatharianism and Immortality».

          System of                      Immortaliy



There are four forms of Immortality

1. Enlightenment - the level of the mind

2. Implementation of the Illusory Body

3. Implementation of the Diamond Body

 4. Implementation of the Rainbow Body


Sexual Tantra


Retreat 7 days


Sexual energy is a powerful, filling, driving force.

We use it in everyday life, solving daily tasks, passing the spiritual practices, interacting with close ones and loved ones.



      Technology of                 Enlightenment



The practice of various spiritual traditions is aimed at understanding the nature of the mind - the realization of enlightenment. 

Pranic Breathing 1st step


Lecture 4 days


The first and most important step - pranic breathing - is the foundation on which the entire program is based. The result of the process is to build and create the diamond body of immortality.

Pranic Breathing 3rd step



In the spiritual traditions of Tibet, transmitting implementation of the Rainbow Body and the Diamond Body of Immortality, there is a key concept of the practice, called Par-lung.

             Method of                Transitioning to    Breatharianism


Method of Breatharianism - the only certified method in the world! This method is for those who want to follow the path of evolution, and stop the inclusion of physical nourishment.


Pranic Breathing 2nd step


Retreat 4 days


It is based on the material from the 1 level and it will lead to a direct transition to a Light breathing.

This means that you will escape from dependence of the human form. Processes will be stabilized on the cell level.