In the course of pranic breathing 2 step, by well-designed regulations, a person immediately opens the main channels of solar energy and lunar energy.

It is very easy to identify, if it is an open channel or a person has fantasies. All practices provide a clear result at the physical level. Movement of the chest, ribs and abdomen stops during inhalation and exhalation.

This testifies to the accuracy of the processes.

The complete stop of the breathing organs allows the body to nourish itself through high energy transformation

When we go to pranic breathing, the body is getting enough oxygen.

The process of skeletal reconstruction begins. The position of the thorax, ribs, pelvis and skull is changed.

The skeleton becomes a fork of the tuning. The bones of the pelvis form a "bowl" for the accumulation and distribution of energy that feeds the vitality center.

The bones of the skull diverge and the brain stops feeling too much pressure and relieves spasms of blood vessels, improves blood circulation.

The pineal gland (third eye) is activated.

There are resonances in cells biorhythms and organs.


Man feels calm, peace and unconditional happiness.