Par-lung in the Tibetan language is translated as Par (between) and Lung (energy).

What does it mean?


When you combine the upstream and the downstream, and stop the physical breathing, Yogi gets a new state of energy, which is not present in our daily lives. It is expressed as a formation behind the navel, which has the ability to transform the physical body into a new state of matter, giving it the quality of light.

For example Dzogchen Master Padmasambhava, who has lived more than 1,000 years on Earth and organized the tradition of the Nyingma-pa said in his teaching: (a quote from the ancient text) "realization of Par-Lung is the guarantee of realization of the Body of Light." It changes the awareness of the practitioner contributing to the unification of the 5 elements.

In the tantric tradition of realization of the Illusory body Par-Lung is necessary is also necessary to realize. At the time of transfer of consciousness, the bones of the skull move apart and through the opening (Gate of Brahma) the perception of the practitioner, combining with Par-Lung, moves to the Illusory Body, for further practice.

In Chines Taoism – Par-Lung it is called the Pearl of Immortality.

The founder of Taoism is believed to be the legendary Yellow Emperor Huangdi who lived IV. BC.

Lao Tzu wrote in his text with the following: "The purpose, to achieve holiness, is to transform the Jing (life force) in the sparkling energy pearl. When this energy passes through the different energy points and return to its energy field, it can be released as an immortal soul. Everyone wants to be a saint, but this method – is a mystery of heaven, so holiness reach very few. "

Par-Lung is impossible to master without transmission from teacher to student of practice and direct feeling of the energy.


In the course of stage 3, there is such a transfer. Due to the transfer, the student understands exactly how to form Par-Lung.

This sacred practice will lead him to the exit of conditionality by form, synchronization of all bodies, starting with the physical layer and ending with the highest spiritual form.

Implementation of immortality in the physical body - Creation of the Diamond Body or Implementation of Body of Light.


Course - 7 days