-Methodical learning of the conscious transformation processes of human breathing.

-Conscious Awakening of private and individual natural breathing rhythm. The result is a self-regulation and calibration of breathing.

-As a result, healing of health problems will occur, including chronic diseases.

-Relaxation and normalization of sleep.

-Interconnection of breathing, food and psychosomatic processes.

-Self-healing of the spine.

-Complete cleansing of the body.


The aim of the seminar is to achieve mastery over oneself, this in the truest meaning of the word!

After the initial stage, you will be in the position to understand the depth, in detail, of your own personal process with ease and awareness. Your body’s intelligence will know what it, or you need moment by moment, be it well-being, strength, energy or even the transition to a new type of diet.

Having learned the energetical practices intuition develops and is supported by a clear independent and objective point of view. This prevents the most common mistakes during transition. This will eliminate possible illusions that arise on the way.

Spiritual traditions that teach the true experience of "I", are all based on breathing and creation. Breath is a communication link between body, energy, mind and consciousness. During this process, there are countless stages of possibilities available to human beings.

A short text can’t describe the essence of this work. These are just words, interpreted by the mental understanding of the view on the world by the reader. However, logical understanding does not start a transformation process, and does not overcome the illusion.

I invite you through the experience to share with me the joy, and splendor of existence in the fullness of its manifestation.


After the Lecture you can contact us to solve questions, get advices on practice, share experience and feedback.

Before attending the webinars we ask you to watch these videos